Detox Papaya Smoothie for Vitality

The Detox Papaya Smoothie elixir boosts your mood, energy and overall vitality.

Here is the recipe:

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*Papaya- Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, folate, B, great source of fiber, magnesium helps clear skin and digestion also restores  central nervous system, kills of viruses and bacteria.  It also contains enzymes that help digestion and repair intestine plus reduces inflammation.

*Hemp Protein- One of nature’s best sources for plant-based protein. One of best vegan alternatives. With 20 amino acids, incl. 9 essential amino acids, high in healthy omega fatty acids and fiber.

*Moringa- Superfood plant discovered thousands of years ago, helps balance hormones, improve digestion, improve mood, high in Vitamin A, C, protein, potassium, calcium and antioxidants.

*Chlorophyll- bring oxygen to the cells, replenish red blood cells to keep immune strong, antioxidant

Banana- High in B12 help boost mood and reduce depression and anxiety, help soothe cramps and kill of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

*Wild Blueberries- rich in anthocyanin, a flavonoid super high and potent in antioxidants

*Unsweetened Hemp Milk- Plant based milk rich in protein and low in sugar, easily digested and made from the seeds of the edible part of the Cannabis sativa L and helps improve fatigue and immune system

*Hemp Ice Cubes- Pour hemp milk into the ice tray to create thicker smoothie

*Probiotic powder- Good to boost health bacteria and promote digestion

*Papaya Seeds – SMALL tablespoon, like 5-10 seeds max because it is really strong- Helps heal liver, kidney health, anti-inflammatory, even known to help kill intestinal worms and parasites (good after travel!)

*Extra Credit: Celery Juice- If you have celery juice or celery add as well for deep detoxification and strengthens the central nervous system which is vital for low immune systems and high mercury.

**Lastly, I add splash of alkaline water if I need more fluids, from @beyondo2alkalinewater which is the best and they deliver locally in SM and Venice.

 Instructions- Basically throw it all in a blender and enjoy! I like it creamy so use more frozen goods, but if you want it less creamy add more liquids. I usually use half a banana raw or frozen and about a ½ cup of Papaya, 3 ice cubes made from Hemp Milk, quarter cup of Hemp Milk, a handful of wild blueberries, and the recommended serving size of all the powders and chlorophyll.


*Note: @medicalmedium suggests Barley Grass Powder and Spirulina but I had so much Moringa and Hemp Protein that I wanted to get through this first plus they are pretty magical as well for binding to toxins and pulling out heavy metals.

*Digestion being optimal is a key factor here to move out unwanted toxins and restore the body of natural energy source.



This was inspired through several people, first off my amazing cousin, Sanaz, who doesn’t use social media but she is truly the person who has taught me most things I know about health over 15 years ago, she is a herbologist guru, transmedium healer and I owe so much to her! 

Secondly, @pwirht and @wellthybelly, I owe a huge thank you to you for your inspiration and introducing me to @medicalmedium !! Wow, if you have had or ever had high mercury, EPV, hashimoto, mononucleosis or want to detox and revitalize you have to check this guy out so huge thanks to him as well for the SPOT-on info that has been life changing.

And lastly, the super sweet vegans from AU and NZ @jinti_fell and @sarahlemkus who fearlessly live life to the fullest, eat the colors of the rainbow and have so much natural glow and energy from minimalist living and fresh tropical fruits and vegetables!


Let me know if you try it how you like it!

WellnessAthena Meshkin