Top 4 Skincare Devices and Tools

Skincare tools I love & actually work:
1. At home facial steamer from @vanityplanetstore: professional steam tool you can use at home to detoxify, clear pores, hydrate and stimulate circulation. I immediately notice smoother, cleaner, and more radiant skin after one 15 minute use. I use this when my skin feels dry, dull and need of some tlc.

2. Gua Sha & face rollers : this flat pink quartz tool has been used across Asia for thousands of years, it helps to stimulate collagen, circulation and firmer lifted skin. I use it in the mornings after applying my skincare oil. I press and stroke along the contours of my face for about 30 seconds and the cooling affect seems to reduce puffiness and awaken. There are quick YouTube videos you can watch as well if you want to see how to use!

3. @ziipbeauty device: uses nano-current technology to treat numerous skin conditions from acne to anti-aging. Boosts radiance, enhances lymphatic drainage and kills blemish causing bacteria and speeds up cell turnover. I love this tool, it feels like I got a professional facial afterwards as my skin feels more plump, firm, lifted and radiant. You can really feel the stimulation working. I like to follow this with a cooling hydrating sheet mask for extra plump.

4. Sea sponge: gentle exfoliant that naturally removes dead skin and reveals younger, fresher looking skin. I love using this in the morning or at night about 2-3 times a week with just water to soften my skin and naturally exfoliate. You immediately notice and feel a difference, your skin is sooo soft afterwards. You can order these on amazon or find them at a local natural food market.

Athena Meshkin