Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips

  1. Hydration, hydration, hydration!

    I made sure to drink lots of high quality purified water. I also used face masks and face sheets at least 2-3 times a week to ensure ultra hydration to plump and juice the skin. I used Beekeepers naturals propolis honey as a face mask once a week as well which is AMAZING to soften and smooth your skin. I also used my at-home Vanity Planet face steamer once a week to really nourish from within the pores (one of my faves!).

  2. Detox from within

    About one month prior, I got really serious about prepping and juicing 2-3 times a week with fresh celery, carrots, cilantro, cucumber, lemon, ginger for anti-inflammation, hydration, detoxification and cleansing. This kept me feeling fresh, energized and detoxed.

  3. Sweat it out

    I either hiked or did more intensive pilates classes about 3-5 times a week to sweat out toxins, stress and keep my mind focused.

  4. Skin devices

    I used the ZIIP beauty face device once a week which is infused with micro-currents to stimulate collagen for plumping the skin. I used my Jade Roller and Gua-Sha face device daily with hydrating oils for circulation and beauty. I also used a Clarisonic once a week to deeply exfoliate dead skin cells. Finally, as stated above, I used the Vanity Planet face steamer once a week to hydrate and open clogged pores (which feels amazing!).

  5. don’t forget about the body

    for my body I did weekly exfoliation treatment with coffee grinds and coconut oil from organic to green. I massaged this all over my skin and face to energize, remove dead skin and keep my body super soft. I also moisturized daily in the shower with coconut oil and used Sol de Janeiro bum bum cream mixed with st tropez body tanning lotion once a week to keep a natural glow.

BeautyAthena Meshkin