Skincare Favorites & Daily Skin Routine

I get asked this a lot as I am a skincare lover and obsessed with good products that work. I have also worked for some amazing aromatherapy skincare companies so I like to make sure that the ingredients are pure and have a beautiful aromatic and theraputic event. I love this routine, I look forward to it in the morning and at night because it smells like a spa.

My morning and night time skincare routine: 

1. CLEANSE, I am currently using Avene Foaming wash at night, which is gentle, smells natural and nice for removing makeup. In the morning I like using Organic to Green, Coconut Face Wash, which she hand makes, is only sold in store. It smells amazing and is natural. If you like rose and super gentle scent, she also sells this Rose Foaming Cleanser

2. TONING SPRAY, I really like these two, Rosewater from Heritage Store or Rose Mist from O2G.  I also like to re-use the bottles and make my own after since it is super easy and saves money. I refill with filtered water or spring water and add few drops of Rose essential oil (I use ones that are diluted in carrier oils like jojoba because they are way less expensive, but if you want high quality they will be over $80-$100.) 

3. SERUM, I love using this O2G hyaluronic Serum in the day and this hyaluronic overnight Rose Gel overnight for healing, super hydration and it feels like my skin is getting a big drink of water that it is craving. I highly recommend this for all skin types to help keep skin hydrated, clear and healthy. 

4. MOISTURIZER & OIL, I love to mix one drop of this incredible aromatherapy O2G Gold Face Oil, with Frankincense, Neroli, Rose, Helichrysum (immortelle) with one drop of this O2G  Rose Moisturizer to hydrate and smooth my skin. This combo is seriously to die for, the aromas together make me feel like I am in a spa.  I take a deep breathe before I apply and massage it all over my face, temples, neck and behind my neck. It smells and feels so good and I look forward to this every day!


SPF TINTED MOISTURIZER,  I don't like to wear makeup during the week, but to still look fresh and have SPF for protection, I like to use a tinted moisturizer. At the moment, my favorite is the Mychelle Tinted.  If I don't want to use makeup or I want extra SPF I will add a spray of the Orgo to my moisturizer. 

EYE SERUM, Sometimes when my eyes feel dull or tired and need a brighten or lift, I like to use this Vitamin C eye roller, Nature (which can only be found in store). It has a metal tip which stimulates and cools under the eyes for extra relief. If I need more moisturizing or hydration and my eyes feel dry, I like to use the O2G  Arctic Moisturizing balm, with Shea butter, coconut and vanilla, under my eyes and around the smile lines. 

EXFOLIATE, I like to gently exfoliate 2-3 times a week or whenever my skin feels dull, tired or puffy. I currently use this gentle Andalou Naturals Rose Scrub mixed with this Rose coconut oil to hydrate as I exfoliate. 

MASK,  I use a mask 1-2 times per week. I alternate between these four Organic To Green masks at the moment depending on what my skin needs, detox, brightening, soothing or lift.

MAKEUP REMOVER, I love to use the BIODERMA micellar water from France in the morning and at night after cleansing to remove makeup because it is gentle, smells soft and natural and is good for sensitive skin (so I don't feel dry after) and it removes ALL dirt and environmental toxins. It isn't 100% natural but it is a European product and I trust their products because they have stricter quality standards than the US so most of their products are safe. 

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