3 Tips for Seasonal Allergies

Spring 🌸 one of my favorite seasons because the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining again and everything is waking up, but with this comes more pollen as well as shifts in the weather, causing higher chances for allergies and getting sick. 

Here are my top 3 tips to help prevent colds and allergies: 
1. Vitamin C. amp up your vitamin c intake to keep your immune system strong. Eat fresh hydrating fruits, citrus or add lime and lemon to your water, salads & soups. 

2. Hydrating from head to toe. Allergy flare ups and itchiness can occur all over your body. If you experience itchy eyes, hydrate with artificial tears or do cool compress. Get natural nasal spray or Nettipot. Use Shea butter or coconut oil for your body, try weekly coconut hair masks, wear hats when possible to protect your scalp and add sea buckthorn or rose-hip oil to boost your skin hydration...and of course don’t forget to drink water because it’s good for you, will help to keep the body clean + flush out toxins. 

3. Rest. Spring is exciting and there is so much happening we want to get out there and play after being cooped up during winter💃🏼Remember to sleep when you are tired and rest when you feel over worked even if that means you have to miss out on a fun party or event. Trying to do everything with everyone can wear you out and weaken your immune system + increase your chances of getting sick. *extra credit- during this time increase your intake of a daily immune boosting vitamin (I love IMMU-ZYME); drink fresh vegetable juices or smoothies, drink bone broth or eat nourishing soups when you can; take epson salt baths and don’t forget to continue your self care. 💕

Athena Meshkin