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My goal is to Optimize your health & lifestyle habits so you feel energized & happy from the inside out.

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What others are saying…

“Athena recently helped me evaluate my health and wellness needs with her “detox quiz.” The quiz included a series of questions designed to understand my current health habits and goals. Athena used the results of the quiz to create a “detox plan” to improve and manage my health and wellness. Athena’s plan included simple and realistic solutions for improving my eating and exercise habits. I appreciated that her plan didn’t try to radically change my entire lifestyle but instead showed me how to make smarter choices in certain areas without forcing me to give up all my guilty pleasures. Her plan was truly customized to fit my needs and priorities. I also appreciated that her plan included tips for improving my mental health, which is so often overlooked. I would highly recommend trying Athena’a detox plan if you are looking to improve your health and wellness. Her plan is very easy to understand and implement—even for a donut loving, soda drinker like me! I’m so proud of the new habits I’ve developed from following her plan.”


“After having been diagnosed with Type II-diabetes, some time had passed with me being in denial. After all, I still 'felt' well.  However, I did come to Finally accept the fact that this disease would be with me for the rest of my life and, in as much as I'd prefer my life to be longer than shorter, I accepted there needed to be changes made in my diet and lifestyle habits.

Athena has been an instrumental part of my journey toward healthier food choices and lifestyle changes.  My journey has been slow, the changes I've taken ownership of have been small but consistent.

Athena has provided me the information I needed to make the right choices for me.  At one point, Athena even came to the Supermarket with me and we went from isle to isle discussing food products, their ingredients and how they would affect my body, having diabetes. Athena helped me to embrace whole food choices, which has lead me to see significant differences in my blood glucose levels. I feel better.  I've dropped extra weight.  I have more energy. Most importantly, however, I have gained greater control of my body, this disease and how I man age my blood glucose levels.

I am now adding moderate Exercise to my pattern of living and am seeing a real change in my appearance.

Athena has been a major part of these changes and their benefits.  I highly recommend the services offered.

My journey toward greater  wellness is a continuing one and the lessons I've learned empower me to make better choices and provide greater rewards than I could have initially imagined.”